Water wells

With over 60 years experience and technological analyses, the company now offers a full range of operational solutions to deal with all the problems in the construction of water wells:


  • Drilling in all types of terrain, from loose sand to granite.
  • Large and small size wells, from steel pipes of 1,000 mm to PVC of 125 mm diameter.
  • We also operate at great depths, in water wells up to 1,500 m.

We have extensive experience in all available drilling techniques:


Rotary drilling with direct circulation of fluids

• Rotary drilling with reverse circulation of fluids

• Air drilling with DTH Hammer

• Air drilling with reverse circulation DTH hammer

• Percussion drilling


The completion operations for each type of well are:


• Pipes and filters

Pipes and filters of all kinds sustained by great experience in installation.
Piping in stainless steel, galvanised steel or simply painted carbon.Special care in the installation of wells in PVC, Fibreglass and Polyethylene.Bridge, continuous spiral, micro-milled filters.


• Drainage and filtration system

Drainage and filtration system with the correct size of siliceous gravel.
Implementing drainage, at aquifer levels, using procedures independent of the particle size of the siliceous gravel (derived exclusively from the Ticino River).


•Well development

Well development with effective systems to optimise the hydraulic efficiency.
Bleeding and development of the well using compressed air, cable tool, double piston with rods and compressed air.


• Cementing and insulation

Cementing and insulation of the aquifers for protecting the water resources.
Very wide range of techniques for cementing and insulating the layers both in telescopic wells and by selective cementing in the cavities.


• Flow rate tests

Flow rate tests using a wide range of systems with electric pumps and generators up to 250 kW with instruments for measuring flow and water levels.


• Care for the environment

Great care for the environment by adopting low-impact technology and strict procedures for the management and disposal of the drilling residues.

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