About us

Franco Landi established his drilling and well construction company in 1946, immediately after the war.

The basic techniques were obtained from the experience of his uncle, Livio Paoletti, who in the 1920s and '30s had operated in various Italian regions, drilling mineral cores and prospecting for water.
Since its foundation, the company has continually expanded and developed technical expertise and technologies in the drilling sector, construction and management of water wells.
In 1977 Stefano Chiarugi joined the management of the company alongside its founder.
In 1985 the company's growth reached a substantial milestone by completing the full range of drilling techniques available with its own resources and plants, an achievement shared by few national companies, even today.The decision to persevere with financial investment in the plants created the conditions for the development of technologies applied to ground drilling together with a fast-growing professionalism among the employees.
It was the first company in 1998 outside the oil industry, to reach the depth of 1500 m, developing advanced technologies in compliance with safety standards (Well Control).
Professional training and qualifications are essential tools for dealing responsibly with subsoil resources.This has pushed Stefano Chiarugi to play an important role in promoting the professions related to the construction of water wells since 1988, committing to ANIPA (National Association of Hydrogeology and Water Wells), promoting and intervening in initiatives aimed at project designers and users and working on training activities for technicians and operational staff.
After the death of the founder, Stefano Chiarugi shared the management of the company with the heirs until 2008, when he took over ownership and established the current Landi s.a.s.


Company Policy


Our aim is the prospect of using nature's most important resource correctly.The development and appropriate use of technology is the resource that we can offer our customers and project designers.

Technological development has also been accompanied by a precise certification policy:

• SOA (Certifying Company) category OS21 classification 4 (€ 2,582,284)
• Quality system UNI ENI ISO 9001
• Environmental System UNI ENI ISO 14001 (first of all companies in the sector)
• International Well Control Forum Certificate of Completion and Wallet Card (Safety and pressure management of gas wells)

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